12th May 2020

Covid-19 Care Provider Impact Study

Covid-19 Care Provider Impact Study

We are enormously grateful to the 200+ care providers who took time out at this challenging time to respond to our survey. The findings confirm National Care Association's view that the impact of this pandemic is more far reaching than anyone can estimate.

It is important to note that 74% of respondents have serious concerns about their viability which is a direct result of two decades of under-investment by successive governments and the total lack of support by this government at the outset of this pandemic. There is no doubt that the additional costs relating to PPE and staff shortages/cover have had a devastating impact on Social care providers.

Nadra Ahmed OBE said:

‘The comments included in the survey tell a story of utter despair as providers have had to fight their way though this pandemic with little information support from government. When funds were eventually released they did not materialise on the frontline and still haven’t - where have all those billions gone? Why on earth did it take so long to recognise the importance of testing? This is the unfolding tragedy of the decisions taken not to support vulnerable people in social care settings: it is unforgivable and government must act immediately to remedy the situation and creating a robust, sustainable sector which can fully meet the needs of our citizens.‘