24th October 2019

State of Care 2019

State of Care 2019

National Care association welcomes the State of the Sector report from the Care Quality Commission.

It is a testament to the health and social care professional that 84% of all provisions are rated either good or outstanding by the CQC. It is interesting to note, with concern, the drop in specialist provisions across the country at a time when we know there is an increased need for social care across the country. The report highlights the regulators concerns about the continued instability in the sector and calls for a more collaborative approach to supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Nadra Ahmed OBE Executive Chairman of National Care Association responded to the report saying
”the observations that the sector faces a ‘perfect storm’ is an interesting one as we have moved away from the warnings of ‘a tipping point’ and sector ‘fragility’.

The reality is, whatever term we chose to insert into the narrative, social care providers and their workforce continue to help and support vulnerable people despite the challenges they face, and yet, all that the Queen’s speech afforded us was ‘commitment to reform adult social care in England’ by her Ministers – well how much longer will that take?

If we want the barriers to be broken down to enable progress, innovation and technological advance then we must first address the issues of low investment by commissioners in the sector and see positive progress by government to address the challenges we face. Our workforce is exemplary as they take on health care tasks in social care settings without any recognition of their professionalism and commitment. We need a collaborative force from within social care to bring about the changes needed to address the challenges highlighted.”