1st February 2024

NCA Address CQC On Behalf Of Our Members

NCA Address CQC On Behalf Of Our Members

Ian Trenholm

Chief Executive Officer

Care Quality Commission

24th January 2024

Dear Ian

Re: Inspection regime impact

I’m writing to you to express deep concerns from our members about the stress caused by visits by your teams. What worries me is that when we have asked members to register their concerns with CQC they are often reluctant to do so because of the ‘repercussions’, which may follow their complaint! This does not create a path to trust and confidence between the sector and its regulator.

At a time when we are struggling with recruitment of care staff and Registered Managers are at a premium, I felt compelled to raise this with you on behalf of our membership. As you will be aware many of the smaller providers may opt to close their services following challenging and often unsupportive inspection, leaving them under extreme pressure and low esteem. I am completely aware that the safety of those we support is paramount in yours and our role and that remains critical in any and all support provided to our membership. However, the culture in CQC remains hostile at the ground level and so your assurances are often futile.

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