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Boots Support Office, Customer Support Centre PO Box 5300, Nottingham, NG90 1AA


Boots is always looking for new ways to help everyone feel healthier and happier. We’ve over 25 years’ experience supporting care and our Care Services team continue to be an important part of that story. From being on hand with expert advice 7 days a week, with support to improve patient safety and with training to deepen your team’s knowledge, we’ve lots of ways to help you give the best possible care.

Many care providers are switching from paper-based to electronic medicines administration record systems like eMAR with Boots, part of Boots Care Services. By helping your team deliver great care, eMAR with Boots can help make keeping track of medicines simpler, safer and more compliant with regulations – which hopefully can help you achieve higher ratings from your regulator.

We can also supply medicines in the manufacturer’s original packaging, allowing for safer storage and making it easier for individuals to manage their own medication, if appropriate. This also makes medication easier to identify, reducing the risk of mistakes.

Our Pharmacists Advice Visits can help you with the complexities of medicines management and look at the use of antipsychotic medication if appropriate, to help you keep your residents safe.

To deliver great care to residents, it’s also important to look after the people responsible for giving that day-to-day care – your team. With expert training and support we can help you to help them feel more involved, valued and recognised.

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