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apetito is the leading meal provider for care homes and our chefs pride themselves in creating dishes for specific dietary requirements and nutritional needs. All without compromising on a delicious meal. Our meals are created with sustainably sourced ingredients and designed to enhance health and well-being. Our award winning range includes our world leading texture modified meals for those residents living with dysphagia, enabling you to offer them a meal that’s is not only safe but helps them dine with dignity.

We know that every care home is different and we tailor our approach to fit the needs of you and your residents, working in partnership with you to ensure you have all the support you require to nourish, care & delight your residents; all the while running an efficient and cost effective kitchen.

We are committed to helping you, your staff and your residents. If you have any questions about resident nutrition, dysphagia or any other catering challenge, contact our team of experts. If you would like to partner with us for your care home catering please contact us for a free tasting and proposal on how we support you and your home.

Why not find out more about us in our making a real difference video: