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Solutions for Care

Craig Swift

Solutions for Care

For over 10 years, Solutions for Care, as a trusted partner, have provided FREE support to the care sector, consistently helping providers and staff save time and money.

Solutions for Care, provide support in solving the headaches of Care Management with a seamless and transparent approach towards efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Renray Healthcare

Renray Healthcare

Born from a heritage in quality and results Renray are committed to designing furniture, beds and interior solutions with the end user in mind and tailoring our services and solutions to fulfil your requirements and vision for your care home.

Our health and social care furniture, profiling beds, PAC and medical equipment are manufactured in our purpose built factories in Cheshire and Europe, to British Standards.

We keep up to date with the latest trends and influences of furniture and bed design to create products that are stylish, fit for purpose, and constructed to withstand the environments they are made for, ensuring the safety and comfort of your residents.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in managing both full turnkey New Build projects and smaller scale refurbishment works alike - with dedication and professionalism.

Our vast experience and project management skills enable us to manage all aspects of your project from concept and planning to logistics and installation, supporting you throughout the whole process.

With in-house design and manufacture of furniture and soft furnishings, large logistics fleet, and experienced Project Managers, we can help you create a health or social care facility to be proud of.

Evolve Hospitality - Enhance Catering

Scott Whitehead

Evolve Hospitality - Enhance Catering

Enhance Catering is a specialist recruitment agency supplying support staff to Healthcare, Education Catering and the Facilities Sector.

Bodet Ltd

Simon Tennant

Bodet Ltd

Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solutions for the Care Sector increase productivity and staff visibility, whilst reducing HR administration and payroll costs. Combining clocking in methods and workforce management software, you can create staff rotas and reports for export into your payroll system. We tailor a solution to specific requirements, with an option of a cloud-based or hosted solution with multi care homes clocking. There is also a choice of clocking in methods, including mobile clocking and facial recognition.

Our staff management options handle day/night/weekend hours with sleepover management, handover/late arrivals and provide agency staff control. We also offer absence management with an automated leave booking procedure and to enable planning for sickness. Access Control can also be added to increase safety for staff and residents.

With over 35,000 customers across 70 countries, Bodet are Workforce Management Specialists.

Swift Management Services Ltd
(NCA Sponsor)

Robert York

Swift Management Services Ltd

Swift Management Services Ltd is a Health and Social Care Consultancy. We have a specialist team of consultants working within the Care Home Sector who can provide immediate support for short term issues or build a long term relationship with homes who choose our retained consultancy service.

Our services include:

  • Mock Inspections
  • Assistance with new Registrations
  • Planning and development of new builds/extensions
  • Strategic Reviews
  • Crisis Management
  • Assistance with Regulatory issues
  • Policy Review and Bespoke Quality Systems
  • Registered Manager support
  • Interim Management – Registered Managers – Area Managers – Senior Management

Visit our website for details of all our services. We offer a free initial consultation via Zoom or MS Teams.


Michele Gianella-Borradori


nooa: Save time and relieve staff

nooa is an app that works on your PC, tablet and mobile phone. It brings all of your communication to one place, allowing you to access information anytime, from anywhere - without losing control.

Help your team focus on what matters (and drives profitability) by cutting down countless hours on the phone, sending emails and writing messages.

Click here to watch the Demo

In partnership with the NCA, nooa offers members an exclusive discount. Click here to find out more: exclusive NCA discount

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Sarah Conn


CareDocs is an innovative, easy-to-use, digital care planning and management system built by care sector experts for residential and nursing care homes.

Originally developed in the late 1990s and launched commercially in 2008 to support first-class care, thousands of users across the UK now use our desktop, mobile and web-based systems.

We design digital tools using our sector expertise to give you the best possible experience when recording and managing care, and ensure we are always up to date with the latest regulatory compliance, so you don’t have to worry. This means you can perform assessments, create care plans, record daily notes, chart entries, forms, generate reports and more, all in one system.

Helping people give and receive outstanding care is our passion, and supporting the care community with discovering the benefits digital transformation is equally as important to us.

A few of those benefits include:

  • Comprehensive person-centred care plans – created in just 3 easy steps.
  • Point of care recording – log care as and where it happens.
  • Daily updates – keep on top of your work with reminders.
  • Forms and reports – record health and see instant data.
  • CareDocs Connect – share care updates with family, friends & GPs.
  • Management Portal – see key performance indicators.
  • Made for everyone – for care businesses and homes of all sizes.
  • No hidden costs – one set cost for our products.
  • Paper-free & eco-friendly – replace paper, stationery and reduce waste.

Did you know we are the original? CareDocs is a family-run business which started in the late 1990s with the vision to reduce time-consuming tasks involved in the care process. This allowed for more time to focus on caring for the residents in the family’s own care home. Soon after, through word of mouth, other local care homes began using our system. In 2008 we released our first software nationally and have continued finding new solutions.

Care management software makes recording and managing your care easier by improving efficiency and simplifying day-to-day tasks. Visit our website to download a free sample care plan or request a demo. Our friendly account managers, support staff and trainers are standing by to help!

While you’re browsing our website, be sure to check out our informative free ebooks and blogs, created specifically for care workers. Our popular ‘Introduction to…’ ebook series covers the basics of a variety of essential care subjects, like care planning, point of care recording, body mapping and communication.

James Lyner

Enjoy easy paperwork. Plainly is an easy-to-use, secure platform that lets your teams do any paperwork quickly and with ease.

Using a simple, no-code interface, Plainly offers you the ability to create tailored step-by-step workflows that guide your teams every step of the way, empowering them to handle their admin reliably, compliantly and quickly.

The result is:

●Routine admin can be done incredibly fast, requiring far less staff time.

●The risk of human error/non-compliance is virtually eliminated.

●On-site teams can easily be supported/monitored/audited remotely.

●CQC audits can be quickly and confidently prepared for.

●Real, actionable data is constantly generated, leading to valuable business insights.

Plainly for care providers. Plainly has specific expertise and works extremely well in care settings. Here are some examples:

Recruitment. Easily automate everything needed to onboard new employees (including DBS checks, reference collection, right to work checks and employment documentation) allowing you to fill vacancies fast. See

Care home visitors. Digitise logs when welcoming visitors (including seamlessly collecting health declarations and COVID-19 vaccination evidence). See

Admissions. Digitise all admissions paperwork from electronic form-filling to e-signing contracts.

CQC. Generate CQC pre-inspection packs in only a couple of clicks.

HR. Compliantly offboard employees while automatically generating new vacancies for the recruitment team.

HR. Issue employee supervisions.

HR. Instantly communicate contract/policy changes to all staff/groups of staff.

HR. Collect evidence of COVID-19 vaccination from all staff in a couple of clicks.

Recruitment. Automatically integrate with your DBS provider - via our API.

Recruitment. Easily manage new job applications from your careers web page - via our API.

Recruitment. Easily manage new job applications from external job boards - via our API.

● And much more…

Plainly can operate as a standalone platform or is equally happy integrating with your existing ATS/HR/CRM/etc systems via our super-flexible API.

Further examples of our work in care are available on our website along with a recent case study and demonstrations.

For more information please contact or request a demo

Green Footprints UK Limited

1 Berkley Court, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 1AL

Darren Ward

Green Footprints UK Limited

Green Footprints UK Limited is delighted to announce that we are now a member of the National Care Association’s Supplier Directory. We are a family run business that has been trading for more than a decade. We specialise in supplying equipment for healthcare/Care Home facilities to aid them in protecting their staff, residents and visitors. We are also a carbon reduced distributor, which means that we are more environmentally friendly by having goods delivered to you directly from the manufacturer rather than increasing the carbon footprint by having them delivered to a warehouse that needs to be heated etc. and then re-delivered to yourselves. This reduces your carbon footprint.

We take pride in what we do, and every single customer is extremely important to us. Please let us start a relationship with you today and explore what we can do for you and your business, including discounts not found on our website.

Business Contract Claims

Business Contract Claims

Business Contract Claims is a leading investigatory platform, with a dedicated team of industry experts who can help you recover thousands of pounds from mis-sold energy contracts and general incorrect charges from suppliers over the last 4 years.

Businesses such as yourself, working in the Care Sector are organisations which are often exempt from certain charges, that are automatically added onto your business’ bills. These could include:

  • Climate Change Levy
  • Water Rebates
  • Mis-Sold Energy Claims

In 2001, a Climate Change Levy was introduced as an energy tax payable by all businesses. Although the levy was introduced for all businesses, certain organisations, such as those in the Care Sector, qualify for relief.

If rainwater drains from your property into a public sewer, you will be charged for surface water drainage through your sewerage bill. Organisations in the Care Sector are exempt from Surface Water Drainage charges. If eligible, you will be exempt from future water charges and could claim a partial refund for the money that you have previously paid towards these charges.

Energy Brokers liaise with suppliers to procure commercial gas and electric contracts. They are required to disclose the amount of commission they earn from their contracts to their clients; however, a large percentage of Energy Brokers do not do this. This is a form of mis-selling, and your business could be entitled to reclaim the commission paid.

Alongside this, Energy Brokers may have agreed on a contract without your authorisation that was not suitable for your business needs, such as pass-through contracts and standard contracts. Through our investigation we can determine whether you are due a rebate for any form of mis-sold energy.

At Business Contract Claims we are committed to helping National Care Association members claim back any expenses that they could be entitled to, due to mis-sold business expenses. If you believe you are eligible for a claim, please begin by contacting us. From there we will arrange a free, one-to-one consultation to discuss and determine whether you qualify for a rebate, with an experienced member of the team at Business Contract Claims. If you are eligible, our team will be in touch to go through the process and any additional requirements necessary to complete and process your claim. All information given during the consultation will always remain private and confidential.