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MediClean UK

MediClean UK

30 Day Shield Protect

Medi- Shield 30 Day Antimicrobial protection prevents every surface in your care home from harbouring harmful pathogens such as coronavirus. Transforming potentially cross contaminating surfaces into a weapon in the fight against Covid-19.

1.The chemical bonds to the surface to create a protective layer.

2.This extra protective layer of tiny pins attracts pathogens.

3.The pathogen burst like a balloon on contact. Destroying it and preventing any further cross contamination.

You remain protected 24/7, 30 days at a time


"Mediclean came to my care homes to fog the whole home to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We have not had the virus within the care settings and wish to prevent any future infections. They arrived on time and took extra care as the care homes have residents with dementia.
We have Residents who have to stay in their rooms and these rooms were sprayed with extra care with no inconvenience to the residents. They were professional, efficient and courteous to all residents and staff."

Joyce Pinfield
Worcester Garden Ltd. and Worcester Garden (No.1) Ltd.

The Administering Process

We professionally apply the chemical to all surfaces including fabrics in the care home using state of the art foggers and sprayers.

CRB checked and will work around your teams and timetable.

We can treat rooms with residents in if they are unable to be moved.

The chemical is nontoxic, noncorrosive



Edge Protect

Paul Schurrer

Edge Protect

Effective infection control against Covid-19

Edge Protect provides care homes throughout the UK with a simple, cost effective hygiene and sanitising solution to help manage and maintain the safety and wellbeing of both residents and staff whilst also having best laid plans in place in the event of a second wave. The process can be managed in-house, saving £000’s on alternative treatments.

NCA members also receive a special discount. (see below)

XtraProtect: A 3-1 lab tested solution

Edge Protect provides a 3-1 lab tested solution in XtraProtect which is sold alongside our fogging bundles to enable effective hygiene control. Carried out in-house by your own team on a daily basis in both communal areas and bedrooms, daily fogging ensures the highest level of protection for your residents and staff day in, day out.

What Makes XtraProtect Unique

XtraProtect is a unique 3-1 product that can be used for;

  • Hand sanitising (non alcohol based)
  • Fogging Decontamination
  • Touch Point & Multi Surface Cleaner

Xtra Protect works by bonding with surfaces, creating an antimicrobial layer that continues to repel all viruses and germs for up to 8 days

  • Proven to kill Coronavirus, MRSA, E-Coli & Norovirus
  • Laboratory tested to BS EN 1276 & 14476

Benefits of XtraProtect in your care home

  • A quick and easy to use, in house, Covid19 decontamination solution.
  • Significantly reduce the likelihood of outbreaks and spreads with one daily treatment in communal areas inside and outside the home
  • Second wave preparation procedure in place
  • Save £000’s on specialist cleaners
  • Contain outbreaks immediately rather than wait for appointments
  • 3-1 Product saves on multiple sanitisers and cleaning products
  • Fogging uses very little product so can cost from as little as £0.20p per room, based on an average care home room size of 9m2.
  • A comprehensive sanitising method, protecting employees, residents and families for complete peace of mind.

Order online or open an account
Order online and as a National Care Association member you can use the following codes to get a discount;

  • Small Fogging Bundle - £20 off – Code ‘NCA20’
  • Medium Fogging Bundle - £30 off – Code ‘NCA30’

Alternatively, to set up an account or obtain a tailored quote for your care home(s),

Please call 0117 214 1109.

Find out more
If you want to find out more about how Edge Protect assists the care home sector please visit our dedicated care home page.

Ridouts Professional Services PLC
(NCA Sponsor)

7-10 Chandos Street, London, W1G 9DQ

Maddi Gaunt, Solicitor

Ridouts Professional Services PLC

At Ridouts, we know the health and social care sector and the details that can make the difference to your business. We provide legal, operational and strategic advice to providers who are faced with matters that could negatively impact their businesses.

We help our clients to find defences and positive outcomes to, often, commercially damaging situations. We work with you to manage and reduce risks presented to your business which, in turn, preserves business value.

Our work covers a whole spectrum of matters that may affect your business, including:

  • Challenging CQC inspection reports and ratings
  • Challenging CQC notices to suspend, cancel or vary registration
  • Challenging warning notices, fixed penalty notices and prosecutions
  • Appeals to the First-Tier Tribunal
  • Health and safety investigations and prosecutions
  • Registration advice and challenges to refuse
  • Advising on mental health and DoLS
  • Safeguarding investigations and Safeguarding Adults Reviews
  • Advising on commissioner fee and contract disputes and embargos
  • Coroner’s Inquests
  • Police investigations
  • Regulatory due diligence

At Ridouts we only act for providers and other bodies that advise the sector, such as other law firms looking for our expertise. This specialism means that, not only, do we know the law that governs the sector, we also know the nuances that come into play. After all there is no textbook way of operating a care business and you need solicitors that don’t just know the regulations, but how to interpret them in the context of multi-faceted pressures, conflicting stakeholder input, and put simply, what the day job looks like for you.

Sometimes matters can arise out of nowhere, other times there can be a slow, low-level build up, but whatever your situation, the team at Ridouts is on hand to help navigate you through the complexities that can arise. Running a health and social care business can be tough, but working together we can help lighten the load.

Grey Matter Learning

Grey Matter Learning

Grey Matter Learning

We’re a learntech company on a mission to Improve Lives Through Learning.

Our goal is simple: to ensure that training is more than a test of memory or a "sheep-dip" experience.

We believe that learning is the foundation of everything.

  • Established 14 years - we know what works
  • Our methodology values previous learning, saving time
  • Proven to reduce staff turnover and improve CQC ratings
  • 50+ high quality courses, specially written for care
  • Clever accessibility settings including 100+ languages
  • Skills for Care Centre of Excellence and CPD certification
  • Join thousands of services and local authorities

Husqvarna Group LTD

Andrew Miles

Husqvarna Group LTD


Clean air is vital to our health – yet, the majority of the harmful airborne particles are odourless and invisible to the naked eye, making it difficult to assess whether we are exposed to unclean air. According to the WHO – World Health Organisation, air pollution has become the world’s single biggest environmental health risk, and the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, informs that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. With that in mind, we tend to spend 90% of our time indoors: to create a safer indoor environment, the usage of air cleaners is endorsed by numerous authorities (e.g. EPA¹ and WHO²).

Originally designed to clean air from silica dust and other hazardous particles at construction sites, the Husqvarna air cleaners can substantially improve ambient air quality in most indoor facilities.

How does an air cleaner work?

The air cleaner constantly draws in the air from the room, processes it through a pre-filter which retains the larger particles and then filters it through the sensitive HEPA 13 filter, retaining the smallest particles. The cleaned air is afterwards released into the room again. Depending on the desired frequency, the entire air of the room can be cleaned every few minutes.

What kind of particles are in the air that can be caught by an air cleaner?

The air cleaner filter is extremely efficient and captures up to 99.97% of all airborne particles bigger than 0.3 microns. Thus able to largely clean the air of plant spores, fungus spores (mould particles), bacteria, tobacco smoke and partially even some viruses.

For more information please visit or contact Andrew Miles at

HUSQVARNA CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS, is a market leading brand in the light construction equipment business. The range includes machines, diamond tools and services for concrete sawing & drilling, concrete surfaces & floors, and remote demolition. Husqvarna Construction Products are sold and serviced worldwide through an extensive network of service centres and distributors covering more than 70 countries. Husqvarna is a registered trademark owned by Husqvarna AB (publ).



PPE for UK

David Lilly

PPE for UK

We are an online PPE shop for UK Care-homes and Key-workers to help those most at risk from Covid-19

This is an at-cost dedicated supply service for care-homes and key workers during the coronavirus pandemic with care-home association support. You must register with a code to place orders. You will receive an invitation with your registration code from your membership association or employer.

Code: PPE4Care

We are proud to supporting the vital work of the National Care Association and all care sector workers in their fight to protect the most vulnerable in society.

Our well established supply-chain relationships have sourced the best prices we can for a sizeable, reliable and continuous source of government approved, EN Standard, fit-for-purpose PPE. Our manufacturing and distribution partners are well known leaders in their sector and are fully accredited with their respective governing bodies and laws.

PPE is a volatile market suffering from excess demand and misrepresentation but whilst we cannot guarantee we will always be the cheapest, we do guarantee genuine conformity, quality and authenticated product with support from British Government overseas inspection agencies.

“We have been very aware the challenge of access to PPE has been a source of anxiety for providers & care workers across the country and we continue to raise the issue across national & local government on behalf of the membership. The approach by is timely and believe that it will help providers during these unprecedented times. We hope they will be able to assist all providers to access what they need at normal market prices. The need for PPE will remain in place for some time and hope that this will be a sustainable route for access to ease the pressure providers face.”

Nadra Ahmed OBE, Executive Chairman, National Care Association


Greg Houlston


Meltemi have been providing work uniforms for over 30 years and are an official NHS uniform supplier. Our healthcare uniforms are available for both men and women, as well as unisex, creating a coordinated and unified look throughout the team.

Our range includes scrubs, tunics, healthcare trousers, t-shirts, outerwear, maternity healthcare uniforms, and much more.

We have a wide variety of colours, styles, sizes and fits to ensure your staff are comfortable, protected and able to move easily for the entire shift with minimal distraction.

You can either order directly through our website or call us on 01603 731330 if you would like some further guidance on choosing the best uniforms and to order via a member of our sales team.

(NCA Sponsor)

Clare Newboult


About VAT Solutions…

We are indirect tax specialists who have worked almost exclusively in the care sector since 2004. We have a unique combination of in-depth VAT and sector knowledge, dealing not only with HMRC on a daily basis (our technical team largely consists of ex HMRC inspectors), but also holding strong working relationships with the relevant contacts at local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and health trusts (NI) throughout the UK.

Unlike other general accountancy or tax practices, we use our very specific experience and network of contacts within the care sector on your behalf, thus ensuring that our service provides optimum benefit for your care operation. This level of sector expertise is unique to VAT Solutions. Our tailored approach and the robust systems we have in place, supported by prominent tax counsel and lawyers specialising in care sector regulation, allow us to offer an unrivalled level of expertise.

‘At a time when our sector needs to maximise its financial position, I would encourage any care provider, no matter what size operation they have, to consider the cost benefits and commercial efficiency which the Vat Solutions ‘contract restructuring’ service has to offer.’

Ian Jarvis (Finance Director) - Kingsley Healthcare

Our Contract Restructuring Service…

In these challenging times of ever-increasing cost pressures, the restructuring service offered by VAT Solutions presents a new opportunity for operators (both private and not for profit) to recover VAT on an ongoing basis. By creating the vehicle for taxable supplies (by means of a VAT group registration), we therefore provide a structure which streamlines, centralises and optimises the efficiency of the administration and management of a care operation’s local authority/CCG fee contracting process.

Not only does the new structure create considerable VAT savings for an operator, but also provides significant commercial benefits for the business in the form of improved efficiency and communication regarding local authority fees. Our history of positive and successful dialogue with local authorities and clinical commissioning groups, combined with our extensive and thorough implementation support, post implementation advice and ongoing consultative role provide our clients with the best possible outcome to maximise their VAT position.

‘They were with us every step of the way throughout restructuring and implementation and their dedicated trainer worked with our finance team. We really appreciate their ongoing support whenever we need it and they form a ‘niche’ extension to our finance department, plus the opportunity they presented to our business has delivered real benefits above and beyond the norm. It is the contacts, relationships and reputation which they hold within the sector, coupled with their in-depth knowledge of the workings of the care industry, that allow them to maximise the commercial benefit to care operators like us.’

John Hill – Hill Care Ltd

No1plus Furniture and Interiors

Jurate Mickeviciene

No1plus Furniture and Interiors

At No1plus we provide furniture and interiors for a wide range of sectors including residential care homes, dementia homes, nursing homes, mental health and others care areas. Working with owners, managers, and staff we help improve your care home environment and can supply a bespoke package solution. Our company stock a large quantity of bedroom furniture items specifically developed for the care home environment. Beds and mattresses are all manufactured to contract quality and covered in fabrics flame retardant to source 5 and all water resistant protection.

We aim to be the customer’s first choice for healthcare and contract furniture products by offering an outstanding product range, delivering a personal friendly service, low prices and exceptional support to the private, commercial, local authority and healthcare sectors.

No1plus have made every effort on our website to provide a clear and simple selection and ordering experience. We believe we offer a competitive and exceptional value for money service. As a result we are happy to display all our prices and charges clearly and openly.

Care home furniture.

For the safety of residents and guests, the majority of our furniture is designed with rounded edges to prevent injury following bumps or falls. As well as this, many pieces boast a microbial coating to assist with infection control and easy cleaning.

We offer: free delivery, solid furniture, safe furniture, 5 years warranty, all furniture made up, delivered to the rooms, collecting old furniture as well as dressing rooms from start to finish.

When it comes to furnishing your care home we know that you’re looking for a service that is fast, efficient and great value for money. Not only that, we understand that you expect a certain level of quality when it comes to furniture. That’s why, here at No1plus, we have put together furniture packages to make sourcing budget-friendly, luxurious furniture easier for you.

Toiletry Sales Ltd

Toiletry Sales Ltd

TSL Healthcare have over 35 years’ experience in providing quality, affordable and innovative solutions to everyday healthcare needs. We are the most knowledgeable, established experts in our primary fields of wound care, continence care and feminine care and we supply major retailers as well as institutions such as the NHS, under their own private label brands as well as our own.

Our in-house Category Management team and industry leading R&D work with our extensive manufacturing base to produce ethically sourced products of the highest standard and deliver them with operational excellence and an unrivalled end-to-end service.

Our global manufacture and operations, exemplary quality and ethical compliance, customer structured logistics and agile service make us a sought-after partner who has gained the trust of some of the biggest retailer names in the UK.