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PRIORITY Exhibitions (Visitor Pods)

Louise Walters

PRIORITY Exhibitions (Visitor Pods)


We have created custom-made solutions for residents and their loved ones to meet safely during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our Pod has been carefully designed to create a safe, comfortable and inviting space for all that use it.

  • Each visitor pod is bespoke designed to accommodate the configuration of your care home
  • Pods can be located very close to existing buildings creating easy access for all your residents

Contact Louise for your no obligation quote.


Richard Mangeolles – UK Sales Manager


CoolCare4 is an intuitive and user-friendly care home management software that will help you manage your care home easily and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

At CoolCare, we have first-hand experience of providing care home management as our organisation has built and managed care homes for over 20 years.

This means we understand:

ü The importance of capturing and managing enquiry data quickly and efficiently;

ü How critical real-time occupancy level tracking is for maximising waiting lists

ü Why accurate time and attendance recording is the quickest way to protect cash flow; and

ü The peace of mind correctly invoicing your residents brings to you and your financial backers.

CoolCare manages all these issues - as well as much more - through its comprehensive range of user-friendly features which reaches across every area of care home management, consolidating them into one easy to use piece of software.

Request a demo and see for yourself how CoolCare can help boost confidence within your care home.



Steven Myers


Plastock is a UK based premium supplier of Perspex screens and plastic products. We have sold over 15,000 screens since COVID to all sectors, including NHS, Pharmacies and major Supermarkets. Following government guidance for Care Homes, we have launched screens up to 2.5m tall.

Our products help Care Homes continue to operate with minimum disruption. Every Care Home is different, and your needs are unique. Our bespoke service and wide range of products & sizes allow your residents, staff and visitors to continue to operate in a safe and attractive environment, while protecting against COVID.

To show our support, we are offering a 15% discount on all COVID products with code NCA15*

About our Screens:

  • Up to 2.5mtr/8’ high as standard, higher on request
  • Stable and durable
  • With or without wheels
  • Push-click tool-free self-assembly in moments
  • Available in Perspex or, for class 1 fire code in Polycarbonate

About our screens and Plastock:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Over 15,000 screens sold this year
  • Standard sizes or custom solutions

*minimum purchase £150

Spiral Purchasing

Andy McCorquodale

Spiral Purchasing


Spiral Purchasing supply care homes with the three essential resources vital for making their business successful.

Time. Money. People By working closely with care home owners on how they spend their money we release staff from time consuming supplier interactions. We utilise our knowledge of the many supplier markets you use to reduce what you pay for goods and services. We give you the resource of addition people working for you without it costing you a penny.

In fact, all our clients have one thing in common – all are cash positive for our involvement.

“RDCP Care have been working with Spiral for over 12months. They have been able to provide professional impartial advice to RDCP Care at no additional cost to our business across a wide range of supplier categories including gas and electricity, stationery, catering and chemicals, disposables, janitorial goods. We would have no hesitation in recommending Spiral to other independent and multiple care home operators.”

Sameer Rizvi, Managing Partner, RD Capital Partners LLP

You may feel that the purchasing within your business is good already. But -

  • How often do you decide not to review an area of expenditure as you do not feel the return warrants the time spent?
  • How do you compare you costs to know how they sit in the marketplace? Saving 10% using another supplier is good unless you were overspending by 50% to start with. How do you know?
  • Are you busy spending time getting the best price but on the wrong products?
  • Who controls your supplier relationship? You or your supplier? Who dictates the products you buy? You or your supplier?
  • Do you accept price increases when levied by your suppliers? Do you know if those increases are valid or not?

Spiral Purchasing bring you clarity in the goods and services you buy for your business. Our knowledge and experience will ensure that we can quickly highlight areas where improvements can be made and will assist you in implementing those improvements.

We will look at and look after any area of expenditure with your business with the exception of your staffing costs. Your staff are your raw material and you are best placed to manage those costs. Everything else, the peripheral costs, are our domain.

“Over the past few years Spiral have worked with Sunrise/ Gracewell to reduce our electricity, printing, document management, and office supplies costs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Spiral to other Care Home operators due to the professionalism of their services across a wide range of supplier areas and the clear communication of their processes.”

Christopher Dean, Director of Procurement UK, Sunrise Senior Living

Our work starts with a free no obligation audit of your current expenditure. This will highlight the potential of the work we can do for you before you need to commit to us in any way.


Meiko UK Limited, 393 Edinburgh Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4UF

Mark Roberts


From dishes to bed pans, ware washing has evolved to help hygiene control for nursing and care homes


At the start of the COVID pandemic, none of us knew what we were dealing with.

This is why Meiko immediately went to an independent academic specialist to prove without a doubt that Meiko dishwashing, mask washing and bed pan washing machines inactivate the coronavirus, providing our customers with total reassurance at a time of great uncertainty.

Clostridium difficile, Hygiene management for care utensils

Meiko has published a report focusing on effective cleaning using washer disinfector machines. Find out more on the Meiko website/Google search: Meiko whitepapers clostridium-difficile.


Break the HAI cycle and give better care for patients and improved protection for staff.

Every patient has the right to receive clean items.

Staff deserve the best protection and the highest level of technical support from external suppliers.

Meiko offers a range of bed pan washing solutions available with local sales and training support, industry-leading technical services support for complete peace of mind.

The disinfection performance of Meiko cleaning and disinfection machines is validated according to EN ISO 15883-3

Meiko bed pan washer systems are ideal for repeatable room arrangements with en-suite facilities. Meiko models are among the quietest machines, with dba results as low as 48.2 without additional shielding.

Flush mounting is possible, ensuring clean lines and impressive presentation of toileting facilities.

Dishwashers that leave dishes, glasses, pots and pans Covid-19 free

German manufacturer MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG. is proud to be a leading innovator in ware washing and food waste handling solutions.

Our undercounter dishwashers with integral reverse osmosis are easy to use, simplify installation and eliminate the need for troublesome water softeners.

The latest generation pass-through hood machines have the option of automatic hoods, which save labour and time, while minimising the incidence of back and shoulder pain and injury for kitchen staff.

Backed up with the finest technical services for Meiko UK customers

Meiko pledges engineer response within 8 working hours for contracted customers

  • Technical support, on call, 7 days a week, 363 days
  • Person to Person call handling
  • Highest first-time fix rates in UK foodservice industry

Meiko UK has invested heavily to ensure that our service delivery remains consistently running at 96%, or above.


Be on the safe side, with Meiko.

BIOPERL Infection Control Products

BIOPERL Infection Control Products


Coronavirus can be transmitted from bodily-fluid spills Certain bodily-fluid spills can contain a high load of infectious viruses and evidence from the AGA Institute’s Gastroenterology Journal 1 confirms that SARS-Cov-2 is one of these viruses that survive the stomach and intestine. This is a serious area of infection control we must manage in order to protect our clients. We are also approaching the seasonal Flu and Norovirus period and the combination of these viruses will increase the importance of dealing with bodily-fluid spills quickly, effectively and safely to minimise the risks of cross-contamination and viral spread.

At FORSPILLS, we specialise in clinical spills. In our leading EU infection control laboratory, we developed BIOPERL®+, the first full-spectrum all-spills biocidal absorbent on the market (patent GB1819397.9). Unlike other spill kits you do not need to choose between one type for Blood and another for Vomit and Faeces. BIOPERL®+ is the solution for all types.

Our quick super-absorbent biocidal powder disinfects and absorbs diarrhoea, vomit, sputum, urine and blood leaving a dry, disinfected and safe floor on removal. Use in combination with the FOR SPILLS® disposable card dustpan and scraper to reduce plastic waste.

BIOPERL®+ is a proven absorbent disinfectant with the following EN Standard efficacy claims:

  • Bacteria > 5 Log reduction against S.Aureus in 1 minute
  • Viruses > 6 Log reduction against Adenovirus, Norovirus and Coronavirus in 1 minute & > 5 log reduction against Murine Parvovirus in 5 minutes
  • Yeasts & Fungi > 3 Log reduction against C.Albicans in 10 minutes
  • Bacterial endospores > 3 Log reduction against B.subtilis in 5 minutes

BIOPERL®+ outperforms all other bodily fluid spill kits on the market on speed, performance, ease of use, end result and cost.

  • One product for ALL bodily-fluid spills: blood, urine, vomit, sputum and faeces
  • Patented technology meeting EN Standards ensures confidence in biocidal efficacy
  • Absorbs up to 5 times its own weight (200g of powder absorbs up to 1kg of bodily fluids)
  • Leaves a dry and safe floor in required contact time
  • Perfect for care-home, homecare and healthcare environments
  • Better value and better for the environment

For further support and information on dealing with infection control and bodily-fluid spills please contact our team any time by email and we will be happy to help.

Online shop:

  • AGA Institute’s Gastroenterology Journal (2020;158:1518-1519)

Cube Modular (Visitor Pods)

Brandon Weston

Cube Modular (Visitor Pods)

Cube Modular Visitor Pods and Portable Buildings

Cube Modular is a specialist designer and manufacturer of modular portable buildings. Our Covid-secure visitor pods are popular with care homes to allow loved ones to visit residents in a warm and comfortable environment without entering the main building.

We design and supply a full range of temporary buildings to suit your needs, including:

  • visitor pods
  • external reception areas
  • isolation pods
  • staff break rooms
  • office suites
  • triage rooms
  • shower blocks/changing rooms
  • staff accommodation suites

The container buildings’ construction and portability offer full flexibility in arrangement and positioning, with units being able to be combined to create layouts of any scale. Units meet all safety and building regulations, including the use of special PIR panels which provide the highest flame resistance on the panel market.

The unique foldable technology means that these eco-friendly buildings are transported ‘flat packed’, saving on transport costs and reducing carbon footprint.

Rental or purchase options

Our temporary buildings are available to rent and can be bought at the end of the three month minimum rental period if desired. Purchasing is also an attractive option as the buildings can be re-purposed as requirements change and have a high re-sale value.

Discount for NCA Members

Take advantage of our 10% discount offer for NCA members.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about how Cube Modular assists the care home sector please visit our website.

My Care Home Saved

Brett Armstrong

My Care Home Saved

My Care Home is a unique business-to-business utilities consultancy, who expertly procure and negotiate with the providers best suited for your Care Home needs. In the current global climate, it’s more important than ever for you to be able to focus on running an efficient business. This is why our expert team specialises in removing the timely, stressful, and sometimes confusing process of managing your utilities, which in turn provides you both the peace of mind and time to focus on other priorities in your Care Home.

Our partnership with the ‘National Care Association’ will reassure you of our valuable relationship with your sector, and we are proud to offer a service that has seen a 92% success rate and savings on utilities of up to 29% in your sector alone. Our team creates a comprehensive audit to identify service improvements and cost reductions, acting as an extension of your business to keep your requirements at the heart of all we do. Utilising our established, trusted partner chain including Electric and Gas from the ‘Big Six’, hosted or VOIP Telephone a

nd Data Communication systems, Insurance, and Waste Management (to name a few), we provide you with impartial, cost saving solutions on your entire product suite of utilities.

With our quick and hassle-free process you always remain in total control. We are so confident in our cost-saving service that we guarantee to show a saving in one or more of our areas of expertise to all members of the National Care Association.

Please contact us for a free and no obligation demonstration of the savings My Care Home will bring you.


Drew Hunt


PainChek is the World’s First Intelligent Pain Assessment tool for people living with dementia. This new medical device, which is downloadable from the Apps Store or Google Play store, allows care providers to assess pain levels quickly, effectively, and accurately in people living with dementia or other cognitive impairments.

In UK residential aged care facilities, 70% of residents live with a form of dementia. Of those with dementia, 50% experience persistent/chronic pain. Being able to assess pain levels in residents with dementia is incredibly challenging as their communicative abilities deteriorate. Not only is it hard to identify the presence of pain, it is even harder to quantify it.

PainChek’s technology utilises facial analysis and AI to identify involuntary micro-facial expressions indicative of pain. The product walks the user through a series of automated workflows to assess other non-facial indicators of pain, producing an accurate pain score in less than 3 minutes.

PainChek vastly reduces the subjectivity of assessing pain and documents the process instantly. By having a robust assessment process in place, you can rest assured that you are making the most-informed interventions such as PRN usage.

PainChek also supports a shared care model and allows access to assessment data to GPs and allied healthcare professionals to ensure a holistic approach and review of a residents’ pain burden.

PainChek has been granted clearance as a medical device in the UK, Europe, Australia, and Singapore. The validity of the product has also been studied in various clinical studies which supports its effectiveness.

For more information visit: or call 0333 577 3397

MediClean UK

MediClean UK

30 Day Shield Protect

Medi- Shield 30 Day Antimicrobial protection prevents every surface in your care home from harbouring harmful pathogens such as coronavirus. Transforming potentially cross contaminating surfaces into a weapon in the fight against Covid-19.

1.The chemical bonds to the surface to create a protective layer.

2.This extra protective layer of tiny pins attracts pathogens.

3.The pathogen burst like a balloon on contact. Destroying it and preventing any further cross contamination.

You remain protected 24/7, 30 days at a time


"Mediclean came to my care homes to fog the whole home to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We have not had the virus within the care settings and wish to prevent any future infections. They arrived on time and took extra care as the care homes have residents with dementia.
We have Residents who have to stay in their rooms and these rooms were sprayed with extra care with no inconvenience to the residents. They were professional, efficient and courteous to all residents and staff."

Joyce Pinfield
Worcester Garden Ltd. and Worcester Garden (No.1) Ltd.

The Administering Process

We professionally apply the chemical to all surfaces including fabrics in the care home using state of the art foggers and sprayers.

CRB checked and will work around your teams and timetable.

We can treat rooms with residents in if they are unable to be moved.

The chemical is nontoxic, noncorrosive