2nd July 2020

Press Release: Faulty Masks

Press Release: Faulty Masks

National Care Association is deeply concerned about the recall of masks which were sent to every care home in the country at the peak of the pandemic: at a time when stock had been diverted to the NHS and care providers were unable to access supplies of masks from their normal supply chains.

When the query was raised that these masks were from a government stockpile and out of date the official responses indicated that they had all been rechecked and deemed fit for purpose. In reality, we now learn, they were faulty and have only just been recalled - when most will already have been used months ago!

Nadra Ahmed OBE Executive Chairman of National Care Association said;

"We had members contact us about the dates on the boxes they received and we sought clarifications on their behalf. We were told that they had been tested and were safe for use. We are appalled that due care and attention was not given to the risk of using these masks. The masks have been used in services where there were already outbreaks and the consequence don’t bear thinking about.

We face continued challenges as a sector because Covid-19 is still within communities. Insurers are taking Covid cover out of their policies on renewal whilst raising the costs to cover the businesses. I know that providers are really concerned about this latest development in relation to PPE. Clearly, Government will have to take full responsibility and liability for any backlash caused by their actions.

This is a time when the sector needs support. Once again we note that care providers were at the back of the queue despite that fact that we were protecting some of the most vulnerable members of our communities, who should have been shielded from the outset."


For further information please contact Nadra Ahmed press@nationalcareassociation.org.uk