2nd October 2018



This year, #jabathon will run from 8 – 12 October 2018.

#jabathon is a week-long social media campaign, run by the flu fighter team, aimed at encouraging NHS and social care staff to share their reasons for getting the flu vaccination and to nominate others to get theirs.

#jabathon helps to start a conversation on social media about the importance of getting your flu jab to protect yourself and those around you. Join the conversation in #jabathon week by sharing your reasons for getting the flu jab and nominating two other people to get theirs.  Why not share an image of you receiving your jab or download and print this 'I had my flu jab' sign or 'I'm having my flu jab' sign and add your reason for getting the flu jab and take a picture for Twitter. Don’t forget to tag two other people in your tweet and to use the #jabathon hashtag! Here's an example tweet you might want to use:

I had my flu jab to protect myself and those around me. I nominate @Nominee1 @Nominee2 #jabathon

Visit the jabathon website