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NCA Conference May 9th - Turning The Tide...Fighting Back!

Manchester Football Club, Manchester , M16 0RA

08:45am - 16:15pm


Join the National Care Association chaired by Nadra Ahmed CBE Executive Co-Chair and Ian Turner Co-Chair for an informative day with guest speakers and interactive panels for our National Conference on the 9th May 2024.

Hear from industry leaders at Manchester United Football Club where our conference will focus on the action that National Care Association and the sector is taking to improve the quality of care further.

Nadra Ahmed CBE Executive Co-Chair National Care Association said:

“For too long we have allowed governments of all colours to neglect social care, this conference is designed to support care providers to have their voices heard above the rhetoric. We face many challenges but the two that appear above all others consistently are funding and workforce, both need to be addressed to create a long-term social care solution.

As we sit at the edge of another election, we are likely to be told that there is a solution that each party has so we are bringing politicians and sector experts into our event to tell us their thoughts. Clearly there is a litany of broken promises but that must not deter us as we know that the need for social care is increasing and in such a way that we cannot afford to allow the collapse of provision across the country. We know that the most ‘at risk’ provision are small and medium sized providers which is why this event is tailored specifically for that group but will apply to large groups too.

Our strength is our membership as we continue to support and fight for you. We are united in our purpose to ensure that those who need care and support at critical times of their lives have a service to turn to”.

Turning The Tide......fighting back!

Our speakers will include specialists on the topics that are impacting the sector where Andrew Gwynne MP Shadow Minister of Social Care will be attending as a guest speaker.

Other guest speakers attending are:

* Sir David Pearson will be reflecting on the future of Social Care. David is currently the Co- Chair of a national Steering Group to develop an Adult Social Care Workforce Strategy. This is being led by Skills for Care.

* Sanjay Dhrona will be joining us where he will be discussing how to get out-standing in a CQC Inspection.

* David Brindle, a leading Social Policy Journalist

* Martin Plimmer, Senior Investigating Officer, Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority

* James Bullion, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care and Integrated Care at Care Quality Commission

Representatives to include Bankers, Insurance Specialists and lawyers will be present to speak and advise the sector.

Members and non-members are welcome to attend this important event in the social care calendar, this National conference is a must-attend informative event!

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