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The First 72 hours After a Health or Social Care Crisis - Bevan Brittan

The Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London, WC21 1PL

13:30pm - 19:00pm

The purpose of this session is to focus on an organisation’s legal, regulatory and reputational response within the first 72 hours of a major incident or catastrophic event.

Major incidents or catastrophic events could involve your wider service user population, the public or your workforce. They have a significant impact on the short-term management of your organisation and potentially its long-term operational and financial viability. It’s likely that there will be vulnerable people at the centre of this crisis – rightly, their safety and wellbeing will be your first priority. Openness, transparency and candour must also be balanced against self-incrimination and maintaining wider business resilience.

If not responded to swiftly and effectively, such incidents can also have an adverse impact on your reputation and how you are viewed by your service users, your regulators and other stakeholders.

Major incidents are rare but they happen, such as Winterbourne View, Mid-Staffs, staff deaths, failing professionals and #MeToo allegations.

‘The First 72 Hours’ is crucial to establish a safe environment for your service users, the public and your workforce, informing and working with any investigators, the regulators and other stakeholders; and managing your internal communications and external reputation.

This informative half day session will be split into three sections:

  • The moment it happens/the immediate aftermath;
  • Who needs to be informed/liaising and working with service users, investigators, regulators and other stakeholders; and
  • Managing your public reputation.

During the session, led by Bevan Brittan’s legal and regulatory experts, you will hear and have the opportunity to discuss major incidents and catastrophic events; how they can be successfully and not so successfully managed during the initial event and then the complexities of working thereafter with the appropriate regulators.

We will also discuss managing your public reputation and we’ll be joined at the session by Gus Sellitto from Byfield Consultancy. Byfield Consultancy are reputation management specialists whose Crisis and Issues PR practice helps legal teams navigate crises, managing the breadth of stakeholders’ interests.

We’ll then finish the session with informal drinks to discuss what has come out of the afternoon session in a more relaxed environment.


13.30: Arrival and registration

14:00: Welcome

17.30: Drinks reception

19:00: Close