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Quality Care Consultant Services

2 Station Road, Puckerbridge, Ware, SG11 1SN

Janette Cuthbert

Quality Care Consultant Services

QUALITY CARE CONSULTANT SERVICES specialise in helping providers and managers to meet CQCs standards. With over 40 years’ experience of service provision and inspection, we can offer expert advice and document support to improve your CQC rating. We work with care homes and domiciliary care agencies. All client groups are covered.

Our specialism is in assisting small independent providers. We can:

  • make checks against the CQC KLOES before an inspection is due
  • visit at intervals to assist homes on an ongoing basis
  • support homes in times of crisis

We have experience of helping homes to get out of special measures, challenging CQC where they are in error, supporting managers to change practice and assisting with required CQC communication.

Quality Care consultancy action plans focus on what needs to be done to achieve compliance. Where possible we offer industry standard procedures at no extra cost.

Our visits can help you with the complexities of care provision and keep you up to date with changes in regulation and practice.

Find out more about Quality Care Consultancy Services by emailing or visit our website

Quality Compliance Systems
(NCA Sponsor)

Quality Compliance Systems

Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) provides high quality bespoke Care Quality Commission (CQC) policies, procedure and toolkits for Adult Social Care providers.

No matter whether you’re a start-up or an established service provider. QCS is the simple way to meet the new Fundamental Standards and prepare you for the new CQC inspection regime.

QCS can help you

  • Provide evidence to meet the 5 Key Questions
  • Meet all your KLOEs
  • Support your PIR
  • Survey your stakeholders
  • Coordinate your Risk Assessments
  • Develop Care Plans and much more.

Our policies and procedures are continuously updated in order to provide you with the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and user-friendly documents available.

If you’re not a QCS customer, what are you waiting for? We offer a no-obligation FREE trial. Call us today on 0333 405 33 33 to find out why we are the go to resource for over 33,000 users nationwide.