2nd July 2021

The Social Care People Plan Framework

The Social Care People Plan Framework

Given your interest in the reform of social care I wanted to draw to your attention to the Social Care People Plan Framework which was launched last week by the Future Social Care Coalition and covered in the Telegraph and the Sunday Mirror as well as elsewhere and on twitter (see media release appended below).

The purpose of the Social Care People Plan Framework is to stimulate debate and support for Government action to take forward as a matter of urgency the preparation of its own Social Care People Plan in partnership with care workers, trade unions, local government, employers, those who draw on social care and support services, Skills for Care and other specialists.

The Future Social Care Coalition hope that you will download the document, read and then support its twelve recommendations in any way you are able to do so and think best. It is, I hope you will agree, a remarkable cross sector, cross party, consensus document – co-produced with, and signed up to, by 26 key individuals and organisations. It really should push forward Government policy and plans for the better respect, reward and regulation of care and support workers.

Finally, if you would like to know more about the Future Social Care Coalition, which has been established to highlight three urgent “asks” of Government, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Parity of esteem for the social care sector with the NHS: if social care is to improve and increase health and wellbeing outcomes, the social care service must no longer be treated as the ‘forgotten frontline'

  • A comprehensive social care workforce strategy designed to generate skills training, professionalism and improve pay and conditions for social care workers

  • A substantial and immediate funding boost for social care and, in the longer term, a social care funding solution that is both equitable and sustainable