19th May 2020

​ New App Helping Families Caring for Those with Dementia During Lockdown

​ New App Helping Families Caring for Those with Dementia During Lockdown

A new app released in 2020 is helping carers of those living with dementia to generate fun and joyous activities to keep minds active during lockdown. Produced by Active Minds, Support for Care has over 200 different activities suitable for different stages of the dementia journey which can be conducted within the home.

The app seeks to make activity idea generation easier for those caring for someone living with dementia, to vary offerings and help to improve quality of life and wellbeing. It can be common for activities to become recycled, and the Support for Care app wants to help break this cycle and provide access to a variety of new and supportive fun activities.

“Caring for a family member living with dementia at home provides a great opportunity to connect and spend time together. Supporting positivity through engaging relationships is such an important factor of wellbeing, and whilst visitation is low, getting involved in puzzles, arts and crafts and sensory activities can be great for keeping active, exploring new or familiar interests, and building connections."

At this time when social distancing is necessary, many people living with dementia are being cared for within the home environment, and it’s important that activities are available to boost wellbeing and bring joy to everyday life

“It is more important than ever that support is available for carers, and for us at Active Minds, the most important thing is to help provide the tools to support overall wellbeing, not just for people with dementia, but also for their immediate carers, whether partners, family or professional.”

The Support for Care app is available to download on both Apple and Android, and not only features a range of activities, it also has a variety of learning videos and a questionnaire which can help you choose the appropriate activity level for abilities.

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