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Hearing and vision support for people with dementia

University Place, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL

You are invited to a Greater Manchester Symposium on Hearing and Vision support for people with dementia. This event is scheduled for 5th April 2019


Over 90% of people with dementia (PwD) also have hearing and vision impairment. But, significant gaps in understanding of the overlaps of these conditions still remain in: (1) The detection and diagnosis of concurrent hearing and vision impairment in people with dementia; (2) Timely and appropriate interventions to improve hearing and vision in people with dementia; and (3) The knowledge of professionals working across the fields of hearing, vision and dementia care with respect to the alternative domains. Appropriately detecting and managing hearing and vision impairments in PwD may offer an opportunity to improve various outcomes, including quality of life, care partner burden, morbidity and trajectory of decline.


The aim of this symposium is to raise awareness of these issues and work towards developing a set of interdisciplinary clinical guidelines to support people with dementia with hearing and/or vision impairment.


Who should attend:

  • Clinical and non-clinical professionals in vision, hearing health and dementia care.
  • Commissioners developing services to support older people’s well-being.
  • Managers of older people’s services in NHS, care homes and community care.
  • Charities and interest groups in vision, hearing health and dementia care.


Learning points for delegates:

  • A greater awareness of prevalence, impact and management of age-related hearing & vision impairments in people with dementia.
  • To develop an awareness of gaps and solutions in supporting age-related hearing & vision functioning in people with dementia in different care settings.
  • To contribute to establishing clinical guidelines for optimising hearing & vision care for older people with dementia in different care settings.



12.00pm  Lunch and registration – Greenhouse Cafe

1.00  Introduction

1.15  Plenary speaker: Michael Bowen: Vision impairment in dementia – report of the PROVIDE study

1.45  Plenary speaker: Sue Falkingham: Hearing impairment in dementia from the perspective of the British Academy of Audiology (30 mins)

2.15  Expert panel: Supporting hearing and vision in different care settings:

  • NHS outpatients: Jenna Littlejohn
  • Care homes: Nisha Chauhan and Kristina Link
  • Home-based sensory support interventions: Emma Hooper
  • Home-based hearing/vision assessments: Saleem Naqwi

3.15   Break

3.30  Clinical guidelines development for optimising hearing & vision care for older people with dementia: Interactive session

4.30  Q and A

4.45  Plenary closing comments

5.00pm  End


This event is free but we ask that you register here: