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CareTalk - From New Normal to New Future

London, EQ11

10:00am - 11:00am

CareTalk - From New Normal to New Future

About The Conference

Now that Brexit is done can we finally achieve the once in a generation task of social care reform? Despite the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on society, social care has once again demonstrated its key importance as the sister of the NHS; the fourth emergency service. We have seen unprecedented political and public interest in the sector. So, what can the sector do to maintain this level of interest and once and for all achieve, the so desperately needed reform of social care?

This conference will see key influencers representing all areas of the sector come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities that have arisen from the pandemic. Speakers will look at current trends in the sector and how social care practice has changed during Covid and beyond, equipping delegates with the latest information and innovations.

Panel discussions will focus on how to get social care done and attain long overdue reform for the sector. Also incorporated into the agenda will be a showcase of Social Care Covid Heroes.

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