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Care Sector VAT Group Registration… The Facts

Digital, Online

10:30am - 11:30am

What are the benefits and what should you consider?

Many operators have heard about the VAT opportunity which exists within the care sector to facilitate VAT reclaim on an ongoing basis, but most are unaware of the extent to which it can benefit their care provision, what is involved, and the considerations regarding local authorities/CCGs…

The ongoing reclaim benefits of VAT Group Registration (also known as 'Contract Restructuring'), plus the wider business efficiencies of adopting and implementing this model will be set out and discussed in our webinar presentation by Rob Burton, MD of VAT Solutions.

Rob will explain how the opportunity works in practical terms, drawing upon his years of experience in implementing the arrangement, using case studies, and addressing frequently asked questions. In addition, Rob will explain the historical reasons as to why the VAT reclaim opportunity is available to the care sector, as well as explaining the working mechanics and how to avoid any pitfalls.

Places will be limited on an invitation only basis.

To reserve your place, please contact Emma Harrison at VAT Solutions

Tel: 0114 280 3630