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BKR Care Consultancy LTD
(NCA Sponsor)

The Old Surgery, 48 Bushloe End, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 2BA

Ms Bhavna Keane-Rao

BKR Care Consultancy LTD
  • Crisis Management - Working with providers in maintaining compliance. Working with administrators and insolvency teams to help manage and guide you through a difficult time.
  • Quality Assurance - Working with services to ensure they provide high quality care. Supporting providers to maintain Good standards of care and work toward Outstanding.
  • Mock Inspections - To assist services in preparing for regulatory inspection and ensure standards are maintained to a high standard.
  • Training & Development - Supporting both providers and staff in working to the highest standard whilst keeping up with regulatory changes.
  • Due Diligence - Working with various stakeholders, including banks, receivers and investors, in establishing the current operational status of care services.
  • Expert Witness/Investigations - Supporting services, and staff, in preparing for court and tribunal proceedings.


A little about us - BKR Care Consultancy was founded in 2011 and has since grown to become a leading Care Consultancy firm in the UK.

Cortech Healthcare Ltd (CHL)

Alastair Demick

Cortech Healthcare Ltd (CHL)

Cortech Healthcare Ltd (CHL) have created a patent-protected movement system and, by developing this into an Electronic Commode Showerchair, has enabled single operator use, mimicking human movement for the end user and full customisation to the specific needs of each user.  Not only does this increase the usability of these products but there is an additional rehabilitation benefit.  From their design, development and manufacturing base on the Isle of Man, CHL has engineered the innovative technology from a needs-based viewpoint and not created a 'me-too' range, and as such it is expected that this innovation will revolutionise the ILP market helping to increase the levels of independence for all users as the company develops other products within the portfolio.


CORCOM’s design has been such to improve the level of independence for the end user, increase their level of dignity when using these necessary products and to be customisable so it is relevant and appropriate to their specific needs and not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


The movement of CORCOM with the stand assist function allows any user with limited mobility to take control of their life in regard to when and how they use these products.  They can be controlled wirelessly by a clinician or care worker (safely with single handed care), but they can also be controlled by the user.


The mechanism, as an integral component of the CORCOM products, allows the user to carry out their necessary function in a private manner with no assistance needed from clinical or care staff.  Being able to use the toilet and washing oneself without third party intervention is something that is of enormous psychological benefit to these users.


CORCOM is available across the UK through our exclusive distributor partners and if you would like to learn more then please contact Cortech Healthcare Ltd directly ( or via our distributor partners: Osprey Healthcare Ltd (England and Wales and FastAid Mobility Services (Scotland

Energy Cost Advisors Ltd (ECA-Group)

Alan Little

Energy Cost Advisors Ltd (ECA-Group)

Energy Cost Advisors Ltd (ECA-Group)


“The team here at ECA have been dedicated to providing expert business energy & water advice in the most resourceful and friendly way that we can and have been doing so for over 30 years. We are a family business and our approach is to treat everyone we come into contact with as “one of our own”.


Our approach would be to start with an impartial appraisal of your existing energy contracts. We will then provide clear recommendations on further actions that could be taken to improve your situation ranging from fiscal through to “best practice” etc. You will always receive honest and impartial advice from us and we will demonstrate our value to you and your business through our unique reporting system.

(Dementia Friendly) LUSTALUX GRAPHICS

(Dementia Friendly)  LUSTALUX GRAPHICS

Creating a sensory experience with your walls – Stunning Vinyl Wall Graphics 

and Murals, created and installed by Lustalux

Click here for video 

Click here for a recent case study.

Lustalux Ltd, A2 & A3 Anchorage Business Park,
Preston, PR2 2YL

Radio Reminisce

James Oldrini

Radio Reminisce

Radio Reminisce. The new online radio service for the care sector, mature listeners and beyond! 

Radio Reminisce is proud to provide an online radio service dedicated to the care sector and a matured listener demographic. We provide a 24/7 radio stream live from our home page providing the music that matters and daily news in a non-commercialised environment. Our subscription on-demand radio programmes, including our very own DFA (Dementia Friendly Audio), are tailored to the care sector but can be accessible to all and enjoyed by everybody. 

Ultra Protect

Ultra Protect

 Ultra Protect are a family owned company that specialises in Safety, Health and Security, always at the forefront of supplying innovative products to the market. ‘THE ASSURE’ wristband is the latest addition to our portfolio. This revolutionary breakthrough for protecting and monitoring at-risk individuals, offered as a low-cost, highly effective alternative to other personal and health alarms. THE ASSURE offers comfort, style, simplicity and all-round effectiveness as its solid principles. An individual health monitor and alarm that is designed to send notification in the event of a sudden fall, heart attack or illness, the wearer is also able to send a ‘subtle’ alarm, with simplicity in the event of a burglary or an aggravated assault. This wristband has a self-contained battery, life of a full 1 year, (so no re-charging), comfortable, stylish, waterproof, home or away operation. An alarm raises a monitored call, (within seconds) to appointed/nominated responder(s) in turn until accepted, this can include family, neighbours, nurse, carer and/or the optional 24/7/365 alarm desk. The system also has ability to alert responders with cold room temperature drop, even a power cut, plus retrievable data illustrating trends of activity and sleep patterns. Nominated responders have access, to dashboard and retrievable data via PC or smartphone.

For further details of this life saving device, that gives such peace of mind and available from as little as £200, please contact on-line or via freephone......simply amazing.

Stay Safe Support

Emma Hammett

Stay Safe Support is a free information and resource website signposting older people and their family, friends and carers, to the wealth of expert advice and support under one umbrella site. The contents of this site aim to help older people stay safe, remain healthy and independent and prevent avoidable hospital admissions resulting from accidents in the home environment.  

We are pleased to offer the book SLIPS, TRIPS and FRACTURED HIPS written by Emma Hammett RGN

Please following the link to get your free copy

In addition.

First Aid for Life is an Award-winning first aid training business that specialises in Care Certificate compliant first aid for Carers. Trainers are highly experienced health and emergency services professionals, group courses available nationally, and scheduled courses for individuals in London. For more information please visit  or email Emma Hammett

Facere Melius

Darren Thorne

Facere Melius

Facere Melius are specialists in supporting care organisations with:

  • Care Quality & Corporate Governance
  • Developing and Improving Patient & Staff safety, Risk Management, System Development and Recovery.
  • CQC Preparation, Management, Improvement and turnaround.

We also support care organisations with safety and well led as well as work with good trusts to become outstanding. 

Facere Melius have a proven delivery in clearing backlogs, investigations and board to ward training.

National Care Association members receive a special discount of 10%

Blue Mountain Recruitment Ltd

Marilena Asbury

Blue Mountain Recruitment Ltd

Experienced & Reliable Registered Nurses and Carers for your home!

Blue Mountain Care is the healthcare division of Blue Mountain Recruitment LTD, a family run business with more than 10 years of experience in placing over four thousands of hard working, dedicated workers in the UK.

We can place:

✔ Temporary workforce (agency staff)

✔ Locum

✔Permanent professionals

We have the skills and the experience to recruit the best Healthcare Professionals for your business.  Two of our directors have come from a strong nursing background, with a combined 40 years of nursing in areas including: acute, oncology, surgical and nursing home care.

We use a successfully audited recruitment process with a high ethical standard of business. You will receive well informed and motived Healthcare Professionals ready to integrate rapidly into your care providing team.  Our Nurses and Healthcare Assistants will treat your patients/residents with kindness, integrity and respect.

We are a truly person centred agency with the residents, clients and our staff at the heart of what we do!

Our fees are reasonable and we will work with you to provide a personalised recruitment plan to suit your needs!

Call us to see what difference we can make for you!

Geographical Locations Covered: Nationwide

Fulcrum Care Ltd

63 Link Lane, Wallington, SM6 9DY

Tony Thiru

Fulcrum Care Ltd



Fulcrum is a dedicated care home management support service set up to add value to local care home operators and area management teams. Our team of experienced care home professionals can provide support and guidance on regulation, operational matters and anything else relating to care home management. We deliver this by phone, online or care home visits.


Our Operations Specialists are care home managers, area managers and operations managers who have worked with small to large care home groups. Our Support Specialists are former heads of finance, human resources and marketing from the care sector.


You'll have a dedicated Care Manager, with care home management experience and senior manager back-up, who works as if based in your office, plus scalable support when you need it and management cover for holidays or sickness.