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9 GreyfriarsRoad, Reading, RG1 1NU

Sarah Croft


TrustID solutions help organisations to validate identity documents for Right to Work compliance confidently and without needing to become a fraud expert. We offer the broadest range of ID validation services on the market, designed to make identity validation quick, reliable and affordable wherever checks are required, whether in the office or remotely. With ID checks, your organisation benefits from:

  • an easy-to-use, consistent validation process for identity documents including passports, visas and residence permits which saves you time
  • peace of mind with our expert document helpdesk which can further analyse any suspicious documents
  • protection from possible fines and damage to your reputation caused by illegal workers
  • a full audit trail with details of the validation results to support the statutory excuse for Right to Work compliance
  • the ability to validate documents from anywhere for less than the price of a cup of coffee
  • discount for members of National Care Association.

uComply ltd

Kim-Marie Freeston

uComply ltd

uComply’s services complement and enhance your existing HR process to ensure you are fully compliant with the Home Office guidance for Right to Work. We work with you to ensure you get the solution that is right for you whether it’s a technology solution or Right to Work training .

In 2 minutes uAuthenticate:

  • Takes you through the correct process for Right to Work as defined by the Home Office
  • Authenticates documents including the biometric information stored on the Chip
  • Ensures candidates /workers give consent for their information to be stored
  • Removes the need for paper, stores an electronic copy securely and provides your HR & Compliance departments with a full audit trail
  • Gives you a Statutory Excuse

Simply installing uAuthenticate you will:

  • Protect your company’s reputation and help prevent fines
  • Know you have followed the Home Office guidance process across your entire organisation in a standardised way.
  • Utilise technology to create efficiencies and help spot fakes
  • Ensure personally identifiable information for employees is securely stored electronically

For us client service is paramount. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say (testimonials)

We believe we can help all organisations and are pleased to offer a discount for members of National Care Association

(NCA Sponsor)

Utilitywise House, 3 & 4 Cobalt Park Way, Cobalt Business Park, North Tyneside, NE28 9EJ

George Metcalf


Utilitywise is proud to be selected as the preferred Energy Partner for the national care association

As a partnership we understand the importance of managing your utility consumption and spend efficiently.  With 46% of small businesses believing that energy prices will go up in the next year Utilitywise is committing resources to help business people get the information they need to make sense of their bills, and the energy market.


We are a leading business energy and water consultancy. Using unique technology and expertise, we create and deliver Utility Management Plans which help over 30.000 businesses get the most value from their energy and water contracts, reduce their energy and water consumption and lower their carbon footprint.

The team at The Care Association and Utilitywise believes passionately in making the energy sector easier to do business with. It shouldn’t be complicated, confusing or opaque. Instead, we strive to take the hassle out of managing your energy, and the first place to start is by making bills less baffling.

We are offering The National Care Association customers an opportunity to access three free services.

  • An Energy Health Check: compare your energy consumption and spend with like-for-like organisations
  • Bill Checking: we will check for out-of-contract rates, look over your VAT, CCL and KvA
  • Utilitywise Helpline: help and advice on energy and water when you need it

To unlock these benefits, call us now on 0333 000 0131. Alternatively, e-mail and we'll have somebody call you back as soon as possible.

Westfield Health
(NCA Sponsor)

Westfield House, 87 Division Street, Sheffield, S1 1HT

Westfield Health

National Care Association and Westfield Health are pleased to introduce the Foresight Healthcare Plan to members. Whether you need an effective absence and risk management tool, or a valuable employee benefit, the Foresight Plan has been designed to meet your needs as well as providing the health benefits most popular with your employees. All from just £1 per employee per week!