29th March 2018

Press Release 21st March 2018

Press Release 21st March 2018

The National Care Association has welcomed Jeremy Hunt's comments at the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) Conference yesterday.  We believe it is a significant step forward that the Secretary of State has laid out plans relating to social care citing his expectations for the future based forthcoming Green Paper consultation.

These are warm words, but we must be clear that the implementation will require a strategic analysis of health and social care as it is today. It will need to look at a vision for the future and a pathway which leads us to it.  Clearly, there will need to be some financial commitment to ensure not only that the vision is deliverable but also sustainable. The tragedy would be if we create a vision with increased expectations but no foundation funding.
For too long vulnerable people receiving social care have been ignored and side lined with social care funding slashed to such a degree that the sector has been brought beyond crisis.
Nadra Ahmed OBE, Executive Chairman of National Care Association said:  ‘It is always heartening to hear that the Secretary of State has not only acknowledged, but confirmed his commitment to resolving the challenges faced by vulnerable people accessing Social Care within a very limited financial envelope. We look forward to working with him and his team to ensure that the voice of care providers across the country is heard’

Social care costs WILL be capped, vows Jeremy Hunt as he admits too many elderly people are being failed by an 'illness lottery' that punishes long-term conditions like dementia

  • Jeremy Hunt gives first speech since being tasked with overhauling social care
  • Health Secretary says too many people have been 'failed' by current provision
  • Admitted reforms had 'stalled' but vowed to come up with a sustainable model
  • Confirmed that government will bring forward plans to cap costs for social care