Care Sector Events


A new future for social care?

The King's Fund, London , W1G 0AN

09:00am - 16:30pm


A new future for social care?

Event overview

Social care continue to work within a financially challenging environment, face unprecedented levels of scrutiny and work with an agenda that promotes choices and personalised care.

This conference provides a key opportunity for social care leaders, policy-makers, commissioners, and providers to explore how the sector can respond positively to the challenges now and in the future.

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Event news

We're delighted to announce that Jos de Blok, Founder and CEO, Buurtzorg Nederland, will give the closing keynote address.
Following Jos' presentation you'll have the opportunity to explore whether the Buurtzorg model of better care for lower cost could work in England.

Event topics

The sustainability of social care services

We're currently undertaking a joint research project with the Nuffield Trust exploring the pressures facing care services and their implications.

We'll showcase the findings at the event and share evidence on the relationship between changes in spending, how this feeds through to the quality and quantity of services, and the impact on the health and wellbeing of people who use them.

Debating the future of social care funding

We'll debate the funding model and policy levers needed to secure a sustainable future for social care with members of parliament andleading social care figures.