DBS Adult First Check

DBS adult first is a service available to organisations who can request a check of the DBS adults’ barred list. Depending on the result, a person can be permitted to start work, under supervision, with vulnerable adults before a DBS certificate has been obtained.

Read application guidance and request an adult first check.

The requests carry strict criteria:

  • the position must require a criminal record check by law
  • the position must be eligible for access to the DBS adults’ barred list
  • the organisation must have requested a check of the DBS adults’ barred list on the DBS application form

The DBS reply to a DBS adult first check request will contain one of the following responses and will clearly state that it only forms the first part of the criminal record check application process and that further information will follow:

  • option 1: ‘registered body must wait for the DBS certificate’
  • option 2: ‘no match exists for this person on the current adults’ barred list’

If the DBS adult first check indicates that the registered body must wait for the DBS certificate, the details provided may have indicated a match on the DBS adults’ barred list. However, further investigation is required to confirm this and you should await the certificate. Alternatively the check will state that no match exists for the individual on the adults’ barred list.