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Registering to use NCA as an umbrella body for the DBS is free to members.

Simply download and return the registration form

Disclosure and Barring Service

DECEMBER 2016 - Update on DBS check delays at the Metropolitan (Met) Police  

Registering to use National Care Association as an umbrella body for the DBS is free to members. Simply return the completed registration form.

  • Extensive experience in providing a fast and secure criminal record checking service
  • We have a team dedicated to help with any questions you may have either when completing a DBS application or tracking the progress of an application
  • Dedicated to serving the care sector our team are expert in dealing with care provider applications

Online applications

  • FAST – with no postal delays and all details held online it is estimated that the online processing system reduces waiting times by 5-10 days
  • ACCURATE – Your application is assigned to our DBS team where thorough checks are made – you will be contacted immediately should any further details be required
  • EFFICIENT – You application process starts once you complete the online form, for a fast, paperless and errorless application.

Please email the online DBS team to register for this service or complete the registration form.

Paper applications

At National Care Association we understand how important it is to get your DBS checks done quickly and efficiently, all forms if completed correctly are processed and posted to the DBS on the day of receipt. 

Please contact the office on 01634716615 or email the DBS team

If you require DBS forms to be posted to you please EMAIL THE DBS TEAM including your company name and address, contact telephone number and membership number along with the number of forms you require. 

Further information

To apply for a DBS check the applicant must be 16 years or over.

We can accept payment by bank transfer, debit/credit card or via company cheque and payment is required when the DBS applications are submitted to us. 

Further information is available from the Disclosure and Barring Service government website.

It should be noted that once an application whether Paper or Online is submitted to the DBS we have no control over the time frame an application will take. Once it reaches stage 4 (Police Search) it can be held up for various reasons, if the applicant has a common name, has had a lot of addresses, if the applicant has spent convictions, in certain areas it can depend on the Police Force processing them in a timely manner.

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